Vision: To cater for the furniture needs of the everyday, average income earner in Nigeria.

 Mission: To provide high quality multi-functional furniture items at affordable prices; to train and empower other furniture experts on innovative solutions in furniture making to reduce cost and increase efficiency and quality of service.


JaeBee Furniture began in response to a need.  Upon graduation, Jaebee Furniture’s founder, Joy started working with her mom officially. Because they made furniture, their home always had beautiful furniture and was the object of admiration for many of her classmates. When they persuaded their parents to come and buy, the price was unaffordable for many.

She realized that the furniture they created in her mother’s establishment were out of the reach of everyday people. And she wanted to provide beautiful furniture that is both functional and beautiful to the general public at an affordable price. So she resigned and with a first degree in Mechanical Engineering (Production option) and a second degree in Business Administration, she started Jaebee Furniture.


Our products are divided into three:

  • Smart furniture
  • Luxury Furniture
  • Essentials by Jaebee

We also currently run a Furniture Making School.

Smart Furniture

At Jaebee Furniture, we specialise in creating smart living furniture. These are items which serve more than one purpose. They help our clients save money as they get the value of two or more products in one. For example, sofas that come with storage and USB charging ports as well as coffee tables that can be converted to reading desks. This helps young families to have an optimised living area where there is reasonable space for work to be done and for children to play minimally without bumping into furniture.

Luxury Furniture

We supply luxury furniture pieces to major showrooms and high end clientele. A combination of innovation and functionality with a touch of class makes Jaebee Furniture stand out and our clients come back for more.

Essentials by Jaebee

We believe prices shouldn’t determine how you live. Every individual and household deserves to live well, so with genuine care for our customers, we created multifunctional pieces that are essential for everyday use in homes and offices. Our price points are an added bonus to this collection.

Furniture Making School

This is the training arm of Jaebee Furniture where the Lead trainer trains interior designers, production engineers, technical college students, interns, carpenters on the ethics of the business, modern techniques of production, material usage and cost efficiency in creating furniture. This will help them to build successful businesses at a low cost, without wastage which in turn means a great bargain for the customers.

It also includes online courses, training programs for production companies and internship placements.

 Core Values

At Jaebee Furniture, our core values are teamwork, excellence, integrity, delivering excellent quality at all times.


In 2016, Jaebee Furniture was one of the recipient of the Women X scholarship from the World Bank and the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan- Atlantic university for women run businesses and also became one of the pioneer beneficiaries of the OxFam  Work-in-progress (WIP) on entrepreneurial development which has helped grow the business not only via increased revenue but also to give back to society as a social enterprise.


  • To have one Jaebee furniture in every one-thousandth house in Nigeria, modelling Ikea. Offering high quality furniture at reduced cost for customers.
  • To facilitate excellent furniture making services via its training arm.

Our Clientele

We have worked for several individuals and families since our inception and the feedback has been great. We had a client that still showed us a piece he bought from us five years ago. This is a testimony of our promise to deliver quality.