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How Artisans Are Taking Advantage Of Your Ignorance And Causing Drawbacks In Your Business

This is one secret artisan pray you never find out.

Are you a built industry professional; architect, interior designer, decorator, furniture maker or seller who constantly works with artisans?

If yes,

Then there’s a high percentage that your furniture artisan is taking advantage of your ignorance of the furniture industry to cause drawbacks in your business.

These furniture artisans are eating your profit, and you’re unaware of it.

For the most part, you would have paid twice the regular amount to these furniture artisans, and they still won’t deliver the quality you want.

But it all ends today.

In my upcoming webinar, I’ll reveal to you…

How you can effectively manage and supervise artisans to make sure you get your desired quality and scale your creative business faster.

You’ll learn…

Estimating materials yourself

How to estimate the number of materials and the cost of each material yourself to avoid overpaying furniture artisans.

Materials identification for each job

Most artisans are fond of adding unnecessary materials to their material list just to make money from clients. I’m going to show you how to avoid that.

Quality control measures

How to ensure you get your desired quality on your projects.

 And so much more

It’s time to take control of your artisans and stop letting them cause drawbacks in your business.

seats are limited

Meet your host

Hi! My name is Joy Shittu-Igbodike. 

I’m the founder and CEO of JaeBee Furniture Limited, a furniture and ancillary services production company.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been making innovative furniture and learning the best practices and processes to achieve good quality products while maximizing the use of available resources.

In my years working with various creative designers, I realized most of them are being cheated on by other furniture artisans.

So, I’m spilling all of my furniture secrets to help you gain control of furniture artisans.

If you want to break free from artisans holding your business ransom and scale faster…. see you on the inside.

seats are limited

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